@musicatme is a twitter bot
who you can tweet at to get music suggestions and links.

How to use

Try it out, you'll get the hang of it in no time!

Get an artist suggestion

To get an artist suggestion, simply tweet at the bot using the words artist like and a name of an artist you like in double-quotes:

@musicatme artist like "nine inch nails"

...and the bot will reply with an artist suggestion and Spotify link.

Try it now:

Want a different suggestion?

If you want a different suggestion, reply to the bot with the word another

@musicatme another

...and the bot will reply with a different suggestion. You can do this up to 20 times after your initial request, using the word another to get the next suggestion.

Want links from a different music service?

If you specifically want listening links for Spotify, iTunes or YouTube just mention the one you want anywhere in your tweet.

@musicatme iTunes link for artist like "radiohead"

...or add the service name as a hashtag:

@musicatme artist like "radiohead" #itunes

Get a track suggestion

To get a track suggestion, tweet at the bot using the words track like followed by an artist name in double-quotes, then by, and then track name in double-quotes:

@musicatme track like "Creep" by "Radiohead"

...and the bot will reply with a track suggestion and Spotify link.

Try it now:

Need to send the same tweet twice in a row?

Twitter (quite rightly) don't let anyone send the same tweet in quick succession (nobody wants the twitterverse filling up with spammy bots). So, if you need to give the same instruction to @musicatme twice in a row, you can add any word, phrase or hashtag onto the end of the tweet to make it different from the last:

@musicatme another please! #HashtagsAlsoMakeItDifferent

Have suggestions or feedback?

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Although it's been designed to be as simple to use as possible, it's still in beta and there are a few bugs which are being ironed out so please, please get in touch if you have any issues, suggestions or feedback.